Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Couscous Upma/Couscous Salad..

Couscous is a North African dish and is becoming popular in the other countries of the  world.
It is similar to our rava or sooji and the couscous granules are made rolling moistened coarsely ground semolina into small balls.

Now coming to the dish,this is yet another healthy treat simple to make,yet delightful to taste.
I was first introduced to this dish at my brother's place and i thank my s-i-l for making this wonderful dish.Thanx Manni!!
The preparation is similar to our upma,except that there is no need for any tempering.
Here goes the recipe:


Couscous-1 pkt -10oz (i use the Near East brand Original Plain Flavour)

Green Bell Pepper-1

Orange Bell Pepper-1



Green chillies-3

Peanuts- a handful

Chilly powder-1 Tsp(optnl)

Turmeric-a pinch

Oil-1 Tbsp

Chopped cilantro-to garnish 



1.Cook the couscous according to the instructions on the packet.

2.Fluff it up using a fork and set it aside.Do not make it mushy.

3.Wash the veggies and cube them. Slit the green chillies.

4.Heat oil in a pan and add the chillies and  the potato.

5.Let it cook for a few minutes, then add the bell pepper, tomatoes, chilly powder, turmeric and salt.

6.Saute the veggies until they are soft, yet crisp.Toss in the peanuts.

7.Add the cooked couscous to the veggies and switch off the heat.

8.Mix it well and garnish with chopped cilantro.

Note: You can make the dish more colorful and healthy by adding any vegetable of your choice.

If adding salt while cooking the couscous, reduce the salt in the veggies accordingly to avoid the dish becoming salty.

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