Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jeera Rice/Cumin Flavoured Steamed Rice..

Jeera Rice is a simple yet sumptuous steamed rice dish where the rice is cooked with  the cumin seeds and it gives out a wonderful aroma and flavour.
It is a perfect rice dish apart from the basic steamed rice which can be had along with any curry or gravy.
I prefer the jeera rice for any other rice as it is easy to make,great in taste and can be enjoyed by kids too!!
It can be kept very simple by just adding jeera or can be modified by adding more spices, thus enhancing the flavour.Here is my version:


Basmati rice-1 Cup

Cumin seeds-2 Tbsp

Cumin powder-1 Tsp

Green chillies-1 (optnl)

Bay Leaf-one

Aniseed- one

Cloves-4 nos.

Ghee and oil combined- 2 Tbsp

Salt to taste


1.Wash the basmati rice, drain the water completely and set aside.

2.Heat oil and ghee in a pan with a tight fitting lid or a rice cooker and when it is hot, add the bay leaf and cumin seeds, aniseed, cloves and saute for two minutes.

3.Add the green chilly,cumin powder and the rice and fry till the rice turns bright white in colour.

4.Add water ( I use 2 cups of water for one cup of rice), salt and check the salt while it boils before closing the lid.

5.Let the rice cook till it is soft but not too dry or mushy.Each grain should be separate.

6.Fluff with up with a fork or mix it gently and enjoy it with any gravy of your choice.

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