Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spinach Cheese Dosa..

Kids always like something different! Give them the same dosa or idly everyday and they are like "its so boring ma"!!
I hve a 5 yr old, who unlike other kids, prefers upma varieties more than any other tiffin.
So, to make him get used to eating idli or dosa,i had to do something different.
This Spinach Cheese Dosa gave him the pizza feel and he was real excited!
Its served my purpose in two ways- was able to give my son something different as well as not waste the spinach curry i had made for lunch!!
Here is how i made it:

Dosa batter
Any leftover or  freshly made spinach curry

Grated cheese-any cheese of your choice ( i used mozarella)

Oil to make dosa


1.If you have refrigerated the dosa batter, bring it out at least half an hour before making the dosas.

2.Heat the tawa or griddle and once hot, spread the batter in circles to make the dosa.

3.Apply  little oil around the corners and spread the spinach on the dosa.

4.Sprinkle the cheese generously on it and let it melt on the spinach as the dosa is cooking.

5.Do not flip over, just fold the dosa into half and cook on each other till it becomes golden brown.(as shown in the picture)

6.You can serve it right away or to make it more interesting, you can roll the dosa to make it like a wrap and excite your little one!! "Spinach Cheese Wrap" is what my son named it!!

7.I had some onion chutney which was not so spicy, so i applied it on the dosa before adding the spinach and cheese and it gave that extra kick!! (reminded me of mysore masala dosa and kempu chutney!! )

Spinach Curry:

There are many ways to make spinach curry. I usually heat some oil, add cumin, mustard seeds, green chillies and frozen or fresh chopped spinach, turmeric and salt and let it cook for sometime till the spinach wilts and is done.Other variations are you can add onions,saute a little and then add the spinach and you can also substitute the green chillies with  the red chillies.


  1. Today I sent this Dosa in my daughter's lunch box. To my surprise, she completely had this dosa and came home with empty box and she did not prefer eating anything till evening..Wt a complete food.

    What a great combo.. I prefer calling it protien dosa. A healthy source of protien, Iron and calcium as well very tasty and filling breakfast for vegetarians

    Thankyou very much for this recipe and expecting more healthy recipes in future

  2. Oh dats wonderful!! It was so thoughtful of you to drop a line and thanx so much Savitha.. Have some more interesting kids recipe..will surely post.