Monday, February 21, 2011

Double Ka Meeta / Indian Style Bread Pudding..

Double Ka Meeta is a very popular sweet in Hyderabad and is usually served as a dessert in weddings and other occasions.
This is my husband's favorite sweet and an Indian restaurant here in our city offers a very classic version of this sweet.
I had been waiting for a chance to try my hand at it and couldn't find a better occasion to make it than on our wedding Anniversary!
Though not perfect, the sweet turned out great and my husband and I just loved it!!
Here is the recipe:


White Bread- 6-8 slices

Sugar- 1 Cup

Water- 1.5 Cup

Ghee- to fry the bread

Milk- 1 lt

Evaporated milk- 1 Cup (optnl)

Mixed Nuts- 1 Cup (like cashew, almonds, raisins etc)

Cardamom powder- a pinch

Saffron- a few strands

Food color (optnl)

Badam milk mix -2 Tbsp (optnl)


1.Cut each slice of bread into four triangular pieces and let them to dry in the open for about two hours.

2.Deep fry the bread in ghee or add ghee to a pan and toast it on both sides till golden brown and arrange it on a tray. I followed the latter method and found the final product satisfactory!

3.Dry roast the mixed nuts in the same pan and set aside.

4.Mix the sugar and water and boil it to form a one string consistency syrup. (one string means if you let the syrup cool a bit and touch it between your fingers, you should see a single string formation. This is called single string consistency)

5. Add a pinch of food like if you like and two drops of lemon juice to the sugar syrup when it is boiling. The lemon juice is to prevent the crystal formation in the sugar syrup when it cools down.

6.Add the cardamom powder to the sugar syrup and pour it on the bread pieces till they are fully soaked in it.

7.Boil the milk on low medium flame with the saffron strands till it reduces in quantity and turns pinkish white in color. If using evaporated milk add it along with the milk when it is boiling.

8.Now pour the milk on the bread pieces and garnish with the roasted nuts.

9.Serve warm or let it set in the refrigerator for sometime and serve chilled as a dessert.

Note: If the bread pieces are not let to dry, they may turn too mushy and dissolve in the sugar and milk mixture.

If using badam milk mix, you can add it to the boiled milk and pour it on the bread pieces. This will enhance the flavor of the milk.

You can also skip the evaporated milk and slow boil the milk alone and reduce it in quantity to make a 'Rabdi' (like what VahChef says!) Adding evaporated milk quickens the process of boiling.


  1. Love Double ka meeta, very tempting clicks...makes me to crave for it right now...

  2. Thanx Malar.. I too follow ur blog and am watiting to try out thr broccoli pakodas as my lil one loves broccoli!!