Friday, February 11, 2011

Kaju Katli / Mundhiri Burfi / Cashew Cake..

I've heard of simple things, but not to the extent of so simple that you have to see or do it to believe it!! Wondering what I'm talking about??
Its about the Kaju Katlis aka Cashew Burfis which you see in the picture and making it was so so simple that ..@$%*& !!!!
This can also be called a low calorie recipe as there is no ghee in this recipe. The Cashew nuts have so much natural oil in them that there is no need for ghee or butter.
I came across this recipe from a food blog and would like to share it with you all:


Cashews (whole or broken) - 1 Cup

Sugar - 3/4 Cup (or a little lesser if you want it less sweet)

Water- 1/4 cup 


1.Grind the cashews into a fine powder.

2.Mix the sugar and water in a wide sauce pan and set it on heat.

3.When you see small bubbles appearing at the surface of the pan, pour in the cashew powder and keep stirring to avoid lumps.

4.Continue to stir till  you notice that the mixture begins to get thicker.

5.Take a small quantity of the mixture and drop it on a cool plate and see if you can make a soft ball out of it.

6.If using a candy thermometer, switch off the heat when it reaches 200F and remove the pan from the hot surface.

7.Allow it to cool slightly for about 10 minutes and slowly dump the mixture on to a board or a clean counter top.It may still be a little hot and sticky, but you will notice that you will able to roll it between your fingers once it cools.

8.Knead the mixture like a dough and the natural oil from the cashews will help in the greasing.

9.The mixture will be a glossy ball of dough now and  should not stick at all.

10.Roll it out into a 1/4 inch sheet and cut into diamond shaped pieces.

11.Cut out the edges and repeat the process for the rest of the dough so as to not waste it.

12.Allow it to cool and store it in an air tight container for up to a week or ten days.

13.Makes about 20 pieces.


1.If the mixture is heated for a long time, you will see it becoming red and it will start to stick at the bottom of the pan.

2. If the mixture is allowed to cool for too long, it may turn dry and hard, so knead and cut out the pieces when it is still warm.

3.In case the mixture is overheated and becomes dry and powdery , add a tbsp of warm milk to knead it. If it is still watery after removing it from the heat, microwave it for a few minutes having a close watch, though.

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