Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ragi Muddhe / Kezhvaragu Urundai / Finger Millet Balls..

Ragi Muddhe or Finger Millet Balls form a very staple diet of Karnataka and Andhra. It is power packed, healthy, tasty and easy to digest that the flour from sprouted ragi seeds is even introduced as the first food for babies.
In fact my lil one grew up eating Ragi Kuzhu or Finger Millet Porridge.
The nutritional facts of finger millet are:
It is a rich source of iron,carbohydrates, sodium, phosphorous and most important is that it contains an essential amino acid called 'methionine'.
My mother often prepares this muddhe with Soppu Huli otherwise known as Keera kuzhambu or Dal palak.
It can be had with any type of sambhar or paruppu kuzhambu and tastes excellent!
Since this is in my husband's not so liked list, I had made it for myself on a weekday afternoon and happily polished off five sizable balls of it for lunch!!
There are two methods to prepare it and I'm writing down both.I have tried both the methods and was successful in getting a nice muddhe! Here they are:


Ragi flour- 1 Cup (U can use homemade sprouted ragi flour or store brought ragi flour-both work fine)

Water- 2 Cups

Oil- 1/2 tbsp

Salt- 1/2 tsp

Method 1:

1.Mix the ragi flour with 3/4th cup of water to form a thick batter without any lumps.

2.Bring the remaining water to a boil with 1/2 tbsp of oil and salt.

3.Now slowly add the ragi batter to it and mix well with a wooden ladle to form a thick pliable dough without any lumps.

4.Remove from heat and greasing your hands or dipping it in cold water, take small quantity of the dough and make small balls when it is still hot.

5.Serve immediately with any sambhar/or bele huli/parippu  kuzhambu or your choice.

Method 2:

1.Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil with 1/2 tbsp oil and 1/2 of salt.

2.Slowly add the ragi flour to it while stirring with a wooden ladle to avoid lumps being formed.Lower the heat.

3.Remove from heat when it is a firm pliable dough which will approximately take 2-3 minutes.

4.Dip your hands in cold water and make small balls out of the dough when it is still hot.

5.Serve immediately with any sambhar or kuzahmbu of your choice.

I had made bele huli (paruppu kuzhambu)with onion, capsicum and tomato and the taste is still lingering in my mouth!!

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