Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recreated Thavalai Adai..

Now having eaten the sweet and salt karadaiyan nonbu adais to our hearts and stomach's full, it is difficult  and boring to imagine another day of eating the same thing. So for big hand people like me, who are used to cooking in surplus, here is an interesting recipe if you have surplus uppu adai flour! This is my mom's recreated version of thavalai adai- a tiffin which I have enjoyed and drooled over as a kid and even now!!
Here is the recipe:


Uppu adai flour- about 1 Cup

Sooji /Rava- 1/4 cup (even fine bread crumbs wrok great!)

Oil- to make adais


1.Bring the flour to room temperature at least half and hour before if it has been refrigerated.

2.Mix the sooji or bread crumbs to the flour and knead it well. Don't bother to knead it too much. Its just to give the adai a crunchy finish.

3.Take a sizable ball of the dough and pat in on a plastic sheet or a wax paper into a disc bigger than that of an uppu adai not forgetting to make a hole in the center.

3.Heat a griddle on medium and when it is hot, just invert the adai on it and pour a drop of oil in the middle and around the adai and close it with a lid.

4.Cook for about 5 minutes on both sides till they are nice and brown in color and crispy.

5.Enjoy hot with some ghee and ketchup or anything of your choice!

6.My lil fella just loved the recreated adai and I was in all praises for it!!

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