Friday, April 8, 2011

Thengai Obbattu/ Kayi Holige/ Poli..

'Ugadi' or 'Yugadhi' or 'Gudi Padva' is an important festival observed as the New Year's Day in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra In India
It is the beginning of the 'Chaitra' month and marks the onset of spring.
Lots of mouth-watering sweet treats are made,a special feast is prepared, people buy new clothes, offer pooja to the God and the celebration is very elaborate.
The main sweet dish prepared on this day is the 'Obbattu' also known as 'ubbatt' or 'poli' or 'holige'.
In simple words, sweet chapattis made with maida or all purpose flour.
There are two types of Obbattu - one is the 'Bele Obbattu' which is stuffed with lentils and jaggery and the other is the 'Kayi or Copre Obbattu' which is stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery.
Since my mother and mother-in-law both hail from Bangalore, it has been customary in our family to follow most of the festivals of Karnataka along with that of Tamilnadu.
This was my first year of making obbattu and I'm glad that the results were good thus giving me a chance to share the recipe with others.
This is my mother's recipe:

Ingredients for the dough:

Maida / All purpose flour - 1 Cup

Chiroti Rava / Very fine semolina -1/4 Cup

Turmeric-a pinch

Salt- a pinch

Gingely oil/ veg oil- 1 Tbsp


Ingredients for the filling:

Grated Coconut- 1 Cup

Grated Jaggery- 1 Cup

Poppy seeds- 1/4 Cup or little less

Cardamom Powder- 1/4 Tsp

Ghee- 1 Tbsp


1.Prepare the dough first by mixing together maida, chiroti rava, a pinch of salt, turmeric, oil and add water little by little to make a very soft elastic dough, softer than that of a chapatti dough. Apply oil on all sides of the dough, cover and let rest for 2-3 hrs.

2.Next, dry roast the poppy seeds in a wide pan and remove from heat when it is nice and aromatic.

3.Add the grated coconut and roast for a few minutes and then add the crushed jaggery, ghee and cardamom.

4.Mix well and stir for a few minutes till the jaggery melts and combines well with the coconut and looks well blended.

5.Let it cool for a few minutes and roll out lemon size balls of the mixture.

6.For making the obbattu, grease your palms and on a wax paper or a clean plastic paper, take a ping pong ball size of the dough, pat it into a small round, place the stuffing on it and cover it like how you would do for stuffed chapatti and pat it on the plastic paper so that the dough does not stick to your hand while patting.

7.Heat a griddle or tava on medium high and cook the obbattu on each side for about 2 mins till they are light brown in colour and puff up a little. Do not flip over again and again.

8.I do not add ghee while cooking, instead apply some on top after they are cooked.

9.Store in a air tight container and it can last for up to a week.

What a pleasure it is to dig into hot hot Obbatts with a dash of ghee..!!!
The sweetness of the coconut and the melting jaggery along with the crunchiness of the poppy seeds...ahh! slurppp slurrpp!!

Note: If you dont get fine chiroti rava, do not add the corase rava. The obbattu will still turn out good without the rava.
Keep the dough and the filling covered while doing the obbattu, or else the filling may become dry and stiff.
Do not over the cook as the coconut and jaggery filling will make the obbattu very hard and brittle.


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