Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Seven Cup Cake-Mother-in-Law's Magic!!!

Anything my mother-in-law prepares can so effortlessly seduce one's taste buds!! Before my marriage, I wasn't the greatest lover of sweets. It was only after tasting my mother-in-laws' sweets that I developed the sweet tooth in me! I have simply fallen prey to it!!

There is a particular sweet that she prepares at the time of Diwali which I find truly magical and mesmerising! Its called 'The Seven Cup Cake' and is similar to the Mysore Pak. But to me, its much more heavenly in taste when it is prepared by her!
Here goes the recipe:


Besan Flour -1 Cup(slightly roasted)

Milk -1 Cup

Ghee -1 Cup(altered according to your calorie consciousness)

Shredded Coconut-1Cup

Sugar -3Cups

So it totals up to seven cups from which its name origins.


1. Combine all these ingredients in a large pan or thick bottomed vessel and
set on medium flame.

2. Keep stirring to avoid lumps and sticking to the bottom of the vessel.

3. When the mixture is boiling, after sometime you can notice the ghee surrounding the edge of the pan.

4. At this stage just take a drop of it and put it on a plate allowing it to cool for
a minute. Then try making a small ball out of it and it should not stick to your hands/fingers. This is called a 'string-like consistency'.

5.Take off the mixture from the heat and pour it in a tray which has been greased with some ghee.

6.Allow it to cool completely which may take about an hour,depending on the
climate of the place you live or the room temperature of your house.

7.When the mixture is half cooled, slowly make cuts in it using a knife, in whatever shape or size you desire.

8.Let it to cool completely and then invert it on a clean countertop and cut out the pieces.

9.It can be stored in an airtight container and can be shelved for a week to ten days or refrigerated.

Picture to be followed soon...

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