Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beans Paruppusili/Chopped Green Beans with Scrambled Lentil Dumplings..

"Morkuzhambu and Parupusili"!!
What could make you drool more,that too being born and raised up in a Tambram family??
The very thought of it is making me feel hungry.
Though everyone in the family cook this dish quite well,i can only vouch for one best taste and that is the paruppusili which my athai in chennai makes!! Before marriage,i briefly stayed in one of my aunt's house in Chennai and i can still relish those days of all that delicious food i have eaten from her..Thank you so much athai!!This Paruppusili was one of her classic recipes.The standard vegetables for usili are kothavarangai,green beans or vazhaipoo,but it can be made with any veggies of our choice.Here is the recipe:

Ingredients :

Green Beans -1 lb finely chopped

Thuvaram paruppu/toor dhall-1 cup

Kadalai paruppu/channa dhall-1/2 cup

Urad dhall-1 tbsp

Varamilagai/dry chillies-5 to 6 according to spice levels

Green chillies-1

Asafoetida pwdr/Peringayam/hing-1/2 tbsp

Shredded coconut-1 tbsp(optional)

Curry leaves-1 sprig

Cilantro to garnish

Oil-2 tbsp

Salt to taste


1.Cook the beans with little salt and turmeric and set it aside.

2.Now grind the lentils along the red and green chillies,asafoetida,and little salt adding the curry leaves and little cilantro towards the end

3.The traditional method is to make mixture into small balls and steam them till the lentils are cooked,but the latest methods for saving time and work also call for microwaving the mixture by adding required amount of water or frying the ground lentils in abt 2 tbsps of oil till they are cooked.

4.After cooking the lentils in any of the above methods,just heat oil in a pan,add mustard seeds,urad dhall and add the beans and the usili and give it a good toss.

5.Switch off the heat after 5 mins and garnish with some chopped cilantro and shredded coconut.

The best accompaniant for paruppusili is either morkuzhambu,vaththal kuzhambu or mysore rasam.


  1. nice blog design, nice pic quality...awesome, when did u start the blog...

    samayal besh besh

  2. Thanks Kavitha nd Hari..Blog was started long back,but unfortunately it was still for all these months..Revamped it again and started posting recipes..I appreciate all your comments and that is what keeps me going!!thanx for ur support..